Let’s talk bangles!!!

First and foremost, never ever will they go out of style!
Second, when you buy a bangle you usually buy more than one. That being said, your wallet won’t like you if your thinking solid gold! Why would you insist on quality when it comes to bangles? They are the type that you will wear with ANYTHING!! And will never remember to take off (that is if they are so comfortable and lightweight like ours!!). So, being that it is something that will practically live on you, you don’t want these beauties to turn rusty or tarnish your skin don’t you?!?! That is where we come in!! GOLD FILLED bangles can practically be treated as gold! Won’t tarnish plus you can shower with them!! And the best part, it’s a fraction of the price of solid gold!! Come shop these bangles at NOÄ- get all 7 gold filled bangles for 150$ 😃