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Rudy Rochman was born in France and grew up moving around the world from Paris,
Miami, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Israel, New York, and Singapore. At the age of 17, he
enlisted in the IDF Paratroopers and served as a sniper in the 101st Airborne Brigade,
which he still serves as a reservist today.
After the army, Rudy completed his bachelor’s degree at Columbia University since it
was listed as the #1 most anti-Semitic school in North America. There, he founded the
grassroots pro-Israel movement on campus, which revolutionized campus discourse
and quickly became a model for international Zionist movements worldwide.
Rudy is considered a social media influencer with over 300,000 followers; creating
educational viral content aimed at shifting the global, ideological, and political
conversations regarding the Jewish People & Israel.
His work primarily focuses on empowering Jews & allies, uniting sectors of Israeli
society and generating innovative ways to combat anti-Semitism. He even got banned
from Malaysia for being “too much of a Zionist”.
In 2018, Rudy was chosen for the 36 Under 36 award of most influential Jews in the
world for his work and activism. Rudy runs his own businesses and is a leader in
several grassroots movements such as LAVI, VISION, and HaBayit, which focus on
Jewish education and uniting Israeli & Palestinian local activists to craft a better
collective reality for all inhabitants of the land without giving up on the aspirations of
either population. Rudy also sits on the board of the American Zionist Movement (AZM)
and on the board of The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF), which showcases the story of
Israel by promoting authentic Israeli culture and sustainable initiatives.
In 2020, Rudy completed his MBA in Israel where he is now based and uses his
background and expertise to inspire the next generation of Jews to narrate their own
story and to write the next chapter of Jewish history.
Facebook: @RudyRochman.Page
Instagram: @Rudy_Israel
YouTube: @RudyRochman
Twitter: @Rudy_Rochman
TikTok: @RudyRochman